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Focus on the Important

Focusing on the important is an art and one of the key things to being successful. I know it seems like such a basic thing but it is so easily lost in an entrepreneurs brain. We are constantly trying to better ourselves, our products, and our services which is a great thing. The challenge arrises when our brains are way ahead of our current situation. Right now, this very second, there is really only one thing you should be focused on. One thing that will move your business to the next level. One thing that will put you on the path to more of what you desire.

Learning to hone in on this one thing is a skill that needs to be developed in all entrepreneurs. How many times have you felt so scattered wondering which of the thousands of tasks you have on your plate you should tackle this very moment. Take a moment to look at your list and really focus on what the main thread is. Once you know that you can start to see what is not as important as you might think. Take a moment today to look into your task list and figure out what the main thing you should be doing is … and do lots of that!!


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2 Responses to Focus on the Important

  1. Paul Latour says:

    This is totally true. Keep the main thing the main thing. And totally hard to do. But Al is right: all entrepreneurs need to master this skill. More than that, all people would do well to master this skill.

    • Al says:

      THanks for the comment Paul it’s crazy how we forget to focus on the important. I also agree with you that everyone, not just entrepreneurs, should master this skill. Thanks again and keep inspiring people!

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