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Missed Opportunity for advertising.

Working as a photographer is extremely rewarding but making money as a photographer can be a completely different beast all together. We work with commercial clients and put together licensing structures for prints while balancing the cost for the client.

I find it extremely useful to do a 6 month review of my work and the way it was used while matching that up with the way I billed a project.

Here is an example of where I would have done something different had I thought about it at the time.

The client was a U-Pack storage company that delivers these nifty little yellow boxes onto the street in front of your house so you can pack it up. Then they pick it up and store it at their warehouse for you. I did the job and billed as usual but now that I’m reviewing the idea I realize I missed a huge marketing opportunity.

Had I realized these boxes would have been EVERYWHERE in my city I would have done the job for FREEĀ  as long as I was credited on the box for the photo’s! I love to do pro bono work for non profits and help my community but I forget that once in awhile it’s good to think about what the marketing potential of the job you are doing will be if you can be somehow involved. I’m kicking myself for not thinking of this at the time because I think this particular client would have been totally open to the idea. The worst part about missing this opportunity is that I have to drive by them all over the city every day and am constantly reminded of it.


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