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New book is available now!

I am sitting in Salt Lake City right now in a hotel as I write this. I have been traveling for almost a week through the deserts of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada in my jeep. I’m loaded with camera gear including my Nikon D3S, Fuji X-PRO1 and Fuji x100. The best part is I also have my iPhone with me to take pictures and honestly it comes out of my pocket to shoot more often than the other three cameras combined!

I am really excited today to join the team of authors at Craft & Vision as my book on iPhone photography goes live today. I enjoyed writing this book and tried really hard to focus on the photography aspect of the device without getting hung up in the technical ramble that is changing so quickly. I focus on the how to choose things from a creative perspective so that as you change your device the rules I give you can move forward as well.

If you love to take great pictures, carry a mobile phone camera with you, and have $5 to spare than this is a great book for you. I hope it will inspire your creative side with your mobile phone camera. It’s super affordable so make sure you read it and get out and shoot as much as you can. Here’s the link

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