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No, No, Not Me!

Photo taken with iPhone in Victoria BC.

Do you ever get that feeling that you are failing at everything you do? Our first instinct is to deny that we have issues so we can feel good about ourselves. I think we all want to to buy into our disguise of success and take a mediocre path of least resistance. We all try to fill ourselves with positive self talk and good feelings while ignoring the fact that we aren’t moving. That we are stagnant.

I have been in deep personal reflection the last few days. I began to feel like I was not making headway toward any of my goals and that I have lost sight of what is important. Then I was reminded that my goals are long term goals and I need to shorten them. There is no lack of goal setting in my life. I have many but what I lack lately is the ability to act in small pieces.

You see I forgot that a ton of small actions sum up to one big success. If you focus on the larger goals and forget the process or daily actions you have to do you will always be looking at the larger goals from afar never taking a step closer.

Stop hiding behind false self image it’s time to move!


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