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X-Pro1 In Low Light … Simply WOW!

18mm at F/2.2 1/500 ISO6400 ASTIA Film Simulation

Ok I’ve been sportin the X-Pro1 for about a month now and I have to say traveling with it instead of my big D3s kit is a charm. I recently returned from vegas and shot a bunch while I was there with this camera but he photo that impressed me the most was this shot of Criss Angel (@crissangel) the magician from his show Believe. I got to sit front row and take in his amazing talent and showmanship.

The most impressive piece of the act though was the way the X-Pro1 dealt with darkness and stage lighting. There were no cameras allowed during the show so I didn’t get many pictures but the couple I snapped when I was allowed at the end of the show with no flash in silent mode were amazing. This image is straight out of the jpg engine on the X-Pro1 and man I can’t believe the file.

If you are not a pro and want an amazing camera this one is just stunning. If you are a pro and want a traveling camera don’t even think about it just buy it! I mean just look this image! It is literally a super quick snap shot due to pressure and it’s amazing.

As I push this little camera more I will post my findings here but this one was to good to pass up posting today.


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9 Responses to X-Pro1 In Low Light … Simply WOW!

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  2. MarkleSparkle says:

    So yeah… you’re kinda a dick for taking photos at a show that expressly forbids it. And then posting it to your website.

    • Al says:

      Rereading my writing I can see how you got that so sorry for the mix communication. This picture was at the end of the show where he said we could take pictures. You can even see a couple other flashes in the picture.. My point was that I was on silent mode and that the camera has no flash so I was impressed with how it handled the situation .

  3. MarkleSparkle says:

    I’m not trying to troll you, but there are reason you can’t take photos during those shows. I’m interested in why you feel it’s alright for you to disregard those reasons, take photos, and then post them for the world to see.

    • Al says:

      Hey so I’m so sorry if I implied that I took pictures when I shouldn’t have. I can see rereading it how that could be taken. I took that picture at the end of the show when he said we could take a couple pictures. I did not take pictures during the show only at the end when he said we could. If you look close in this picture you can see a couple flashes going off in the audience at this point also. Again I appologize for the miss communication.

  4. Jeff Seltzer says:

    Hi, thanks for the image. I am loving my XPro1 and now am debating what to do with my 5DII – I guess it’s still good to hold onto that for certain occasions, but I hate looking at $5k+ worth of gear just sitting there, collecting dust. Also, what’s up with you taking photos during a show when no photos are allowed??! (Just kidding…who cares?!)

  5. Dan Conte says:

    thanks Al for posting your image, amazing aint it?
    and to you Marlklem, can you stop been a ahole? didnt he said twice he took the image after the show, when it was permitted … there is not act here, they guy is just saying goodbye, every single show i have been allow images at the end … this is not you blog, go and preach out of here … and get a life while at it.

  6. Siddhu says:

    Hi Al,

    Good for you for taking the photos. I think the No Photo rules is ridiculous because what are they going to do – ban everyone with a cellphone or confiscate them at the door. Having a “No Flash” policy makes perfect sense but no fan photos?!

    What better publicity for a performer than people tweeting pics and saying what a fab show they are at. But once again the entertainment industry is waaaay behind.

    • Big Al says:

      I think as he is a magician I can fully understand why no photos are allowed during the show! Can you not even think of a reason why he would not want that?

      Anyway, cool shot, nice camera :-)

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